Planet Mountain [EN]

Thanks to our friends at Planet Mountain for this report of the Zodiac climb by Antonio Pozzi, Diego Pezzoli, Mauro Gibellini, e la nostra Eleonora “Lola” Delnevo.

You can read the full and original article on Planet Mountain: Eleonora Delnevo & Co climb El Capitan Zodiac in Yosemite.

Eleonora Delnevo – the Italian paraclimber paralyzed from the waist down after a mountaineering accident in 2015 – has climbed the Zodiac route on El Capitan in Yosemite together with Mauro GibelliniDiego Pezzoli e Antonio Pozzi […]

Their autumn ascent is remarkable and far more than a “normal” repeat of this famous big wall […] In order to repeat the 550m high Zodiac, the Bergamo mountaineer had to perform a never-ending series of pull-ups, using a system similar to the one adopted by her friend Vanessa François on the same route in 2013 (Planet Mountain Vanessa François climbing El Capitan). We can only begin to imagine what this ascent represents to Eleonora and her close-knit group of friends. […]

Obviously reaching the lip of El Capitan and negotiating the long descent path were undertakings in their own right, supported in the midst of a huge downpour by the “superb help of the rescue team that gave us a hand halfway down the descent” as Pezzoli told Planet Mountain. […]

Photo by Diego Pezzoli


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