Mark Foerster. Photos [EN]


We met Mark Foerster of Foerster Productions at the meadow. Whilst our four favorite climbers in the whole world were climbing up The Great White Circle on Zodiac, Verdiana and I were interrupting photographers down at El Capitan Meadow.

One of our victims were Mark and his lovely wife, who just arrived to Yosemite to escape Mark’s busy schedule (he’s a Canadian photographer for the Discovery Channel) and hoping to spend a few romantic days together. Sorry for the intrusion guys!!

Mark was geared up with some outstanding photography equipment, and all we had to do was to point our little fingers in the direction of our climbers on the wall. Once Mark spotted them with his powerful lenses, the game was done. His camera started to click, click, click and the amazing shots of Lolì, Antonio, Diego and Gibe were taken.

A few days ago Mark got in touch, and he kindly shared the pictures of that great sunny day with us. So, here we go. All Hail Capitan! We made it to the top!!