Tom Evans. Photos [EN]

The everpresent Tom Evans was at El Capitan Meadow on October the 02nd and he spotted our Back To The Top team on their successful ascent of Zodiac.

Here we steal Tom’s words from his El Cap Report 10/2/18. By Tom Evans

“Yo.. Great weather now… cooler with mostly sunny days and comfortable nights.  However, today is forecast to be the start of several days of rain, through Thursday.  Although we have had good action in the last several days, that will be changing very soon.  This report has shots over the past few days. Update:  It is now 8:30am and pouring rain… good luck out there!  I have just learned that the Para Climber made it off last night and that they are presently carrying her out via Tamarc flats trail. I also got down to El Cap around noon and saw Brett leading the pitch above the slab and he was in a dry area too.. looking good up there!

Today’s ElCap Report…written just for you..unique in all the world!

And please do not forget to donate for Tom’s El Cap Report, so that he can keep shooting all of your favorite climbers up the majestic El Capitan 

  • A few days ago, Loli, a para-climber from Italy, came to the valley and a large contingent of local climbers carried her to the base to begin her attempt to climb Zodiac.  Here part of the crew is at the base of the wall.


  • Loli’s first day on the route involved 800ft of jugging to the top of the Black Tower pitch.  That’s a huge day for any climber!


  • Here she is the next day climbing into the center of the Great White Circle.  She has 3 other climbers to assist her and set ropes


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  1. 1 ha detto:

    uardiola has identified him as the man to add creativity and cutting edge to his midfield.

    "Mi piace"


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