Times of Covid-19

Sharing my thoughts with Nicholas of Planet Mountain


‘This is my city. This is Bergamo. This is the sound of the epidemic affecting us all.’ Italian mountaineer Eleonora Delnevo shares the pain of her city battling against the coronavirus.

#andràtuttobene #everythingwillbefine

Actually, I’ve never particularly liked this tag used in Italy since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. I don’t want to be polemical now, simply realistic. Especially when the sound of your city in the evening is nothing other than church bells ringing for the dead.

This is the sound of the epidemic affecting us all. It seems unreal. We started acting too late and it caught us off-guard. Doctors and all the health workers, and not only them, are really working their fingers to the bone, giving the absolute everything, but the harsh reality is that many of our friends have already lost someone. It’s indescribable

What really made me think is how many people, especially in the early days, seem not to have taken this threat seriously. I live on the outskirts of Bergamo, and I watch people continuing to go for strolls, train, run… when they were asked specifically to not go outside, especially in my area, which is one of the hardest hit. How come we listen to the wake-up call when the virus actually takes someone important away from us? Do we really need to get to this point? In any case, by then it’s almost too late anyway.

We have to be more conscientious and try to halt this damned virus. The only thing we can do, both in order to not become infected outsells and also to help the doctors who are trying to save lives, is respect the rules and stay at home. Better still, stay IN our homes. After all, we’re only being asked to stay put for a few days of our lives. This may sound tough to those who like us are used to being outdoors. But this is exactly what needs to be done for the greater good.

We can use this free time to train at home, to do all those little things we never found the time to do in the past, to organise and plan our future holidays and expeditions, or simply to think about our next project as soon as we’ve defeated this virus. We can read and simply enjoy being at home. We have to manage to appreciate this time we have been given, our spaces, our family, the things we love… and the simplicity of just being ourselves. The time has come to show that we are strong, as strong as we try to be when we’re up in the mountains, or doing whatever sport we love to do. Please, show some respect.

#stayathome #respecttherules #nevergiveup #livesimply and as we say in Bergamo #molamia

Pics and Video By Filippo Cazzulani


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